Freedom March

Freedom March

Marching for Awareness for Wrongful Convictions

Marching in Texas


                                          Proving Hannah Overton's Innocence: Hannah Overton's case on ABC News                                                 







About Freedom March

Modern science and technology have shaken the once strong faith many once placed in the accuracy of judgments made by our criminal justice system. Thanks to DNA analysis of biological evidence, hundreds have been exonerated—many after spending years on death row.  Research by D. Michael Risinger, Professor of Law at Seton Hall indicates that 3.3%-5% of those convicted of crimes are factually innocent. Those who value justice demand that the criminal justice system apply the lessons to be learned from the many cases of wrongful conviction, and support policy initiatives that:


1.             Raise the accuracy rate in judgments of guilt and innocence.

2.             Resolve credible post-conviction claims of innocence.

3.             Remedy the tragic impact of wrongful convictions.      


For those who are guilty of crimes, we support enlightened approaches to incarceration that nurture genuine rehabilitation and reintegration of productive citizens whenever possible.







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